Lamp LightingLamp Lighting Ceremony

Nightingale Institute of Nursing, Noida celebrated the lamp lighting ceremony of its 9th batch of B. Sc Nursing students and the 11th batch of GNM students on 11th January 2014.
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GraduationGraduation Ceremony

Nightingale Institute of Nursing, Noida celebrated its 2nd graduation ceremony on 25th January 2014.
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All round grooming focused on physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological and spiritual development. A synthesis of carefully designed activity centered co-curricular system and continuously updated academics, equip students with sharp analytical skills, crisis management, emotional intelligence, composure in emergencies and health habits.

Morning workouts, Yoga, Pranayama, Vipassana and other form of meditation, Out bound Training, Talent displays. Field assignments. Community work, participation in Institute and Hospital administration, Rural health care project etc. are essential parts of the grooming process towards elevating students from just knowing, to performing and accomplishing. Emphasis is on making students learn rather than being taught. The processes at Nightingale Institute of Nursing are transformation and transcend conventional nursing courses.

As An Institution

  • Where value added education and its translation for social good is the main aim of life.
  • Where students get crystal clear vision to become a professional and sensitive nurse and inculcate a sense of pride to serve mankind.
  • Where generating new ideas and converting those into reality.
  • Where students get guidance in right direction to progress on the career highway with less friction and uncertainty.
  • Where there is a cooperative and caring relationship between staff and student, which fosters a positive environment for students to Iearn, develop and grow.
  • Where students are encouraged to combine their strength, interest and career aspirations in order to maximize their potentials.
  • Where alternative emerge as a way of progress.

We wish to brand our students not only as a professional thinker but also as an enterprising performer. Our imaginations get its sources to a large extent from the enormous potential hidden in an individual. Our aspiration is to enrich the nation with intellectual values and to keep update with the different and new diseases and its management.

Our institution is self-contained and aptly situated for creating the perfect ambience for students to learn. Each faculty team is well structured, comprehensive, well informed and well focused to provide input. We lay strong focus on ensuring that our students have the opportunity to enter into a successful career ahead. We constantly endeavor for the magic bullet that will revolutionize our institutional culture.

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