I)  Anti Ragging Rules


To root out ragging in all its forms from the  Institution by instituting stringent anti-ragging measures and provisions for strict punishments to defaulters.

Anti ragging policy

Ragging is an offence in any form and is totally prohibited in and outside the campus of Nightingale Institute of Nursing, NOIDA. This rule applies to the campus, hostels, college transportation and outside the institute’s premises too. We want to ensure and are committed to create a “ragging free” institution, thus ensuring a serene atmosphere conducive to learning and growth.

What Constitutes Ragging?

As defined by the UGC, Ragging constitutes one or more of any of the following acts:

Punishment that may be awarded for Ragging

Every incident of ragging will be investigated by the Discipline Committee Head who will go into the details and submit all relevant information to the Principal along with their findings and recommendations.

Further, the Discipline Committee of NIN will, depending on the nature and gravity of the guilt established by the Committee, award, to those found guilty, one or more of the following punishments, namely:

  1. Suspension from attending classes and / or academic privileges
  2. Withholding / withdrawing scholarship / fellowship and other benefits
  3. Debarring from appearing in any test / examination or other evaluation process
  4. Debarring from representing the institution in any regional, national or international meet, events, tournament, youth festival, etc
  5. Suspension / expulsion from the hostel
  6. Rustication from the institution
  7. Fine submission.

Following measures are taken by the   institution to prevent ragging (2013):

  1. Written notice expressing that ragging is totally prohibited in institution.
  2. Those who found guilty of ragging/ abetting ragging, actively or passively or being  part of a conspiracy to promote ragging is liable to be punished in accordance with these  regulations as well as  under the  provisions of any penal law  for the  time  being  in force.

Members of Anti ragging committee at the college and the university are following:

Disciplinary Resources Committee (DRC) Nightingale Institute of Nursing  Noida




 Contact No


Ms.  Kalpana Mandal  (Principal)




Ms. Rajwant Kaur

(DRP)Disciplinary Resource Person)



Ms. G Soniya 




Ms. Priyanka Macgregor




Ms. Anugrah Charan




Ms.  Neha  Vasudev




Ms. Rashmi Jaiswal




Ms. Jettni Mathew




Ms. Zeshmi




Mr. Bony Mathew



 The e-mail ID of Nightingale Institute of Nursing is:  nightingale.education@gmail.com

II )  Activities Performed to Increase the interaction between Fresher students  and Old Students at Nightingale Institute of Nursing, NOIDA


Fresher’s  Party

Activities being performed in Fresher’s Party

Freshers Day in any college is an event which every student eagerly look forward to. For this purpose every year Nightingale Institute of Nursing, NOIDA students under the Guidance of their faculty are organizing a Cultural Programme Cum a Talent Hunt to welcome the new students.

Brief description of the Programme

The party started off with a small welcome/ prayer song and then a welcome note from the Principal of our college, who always encouraged students to take benefit of the facilities provided by the college and at the end of four years, come out with flying colors. It is being assured to the students that they will get wholehearted support throughout the course.

No sooner did the speech get over, than the party starts. It is time to let loose all the inhibitions and show the talents by the students. The program is kick started with dance performance, solo and group songs, role play and ramp walk by the fresher students. The last round of the competition was the ‘question – answer’ round where the selected participants had to answer the questions asked to them. The judges for the competition are few of the senior lecturers of the college. Among the students the Mr. and Ms. Nightingale is selected and awarded. During the programme the fresher students gets a chance to perform, speak, act, dance and most importantly they interact with the seniors and Faculty.

Lamp lighting Ceremony

Lamp lighting ceremony ,an auspicious occasion in every nurses life is Held in reverence to Florence Nightingale or Lady with the Lamp as she is more popularly known, this ceremony initiates the students into the noble profession of nursing, where adorned in their uniforms for the first time, these students hereafter will study and practice in actual medical surroundings. It also improves the bonding between students from various batches and it gives ample time for interaction and leisure in the busy schedule of academics.

SNA Sports Week

The primary reason of sports week exist in our College is the added value to the educational experience of the participants. It is an experience that focuses on competing, learning and serving. Nightingale Institute of Nursing sports is about more than measuring competitive abilities. Learning through competition can manifest itself in social learning, emotional learning, leadership development or a renewed commitment and understanding of service and personal responsibility. The various Sports activities were held in both indoor and outdoor settings for boys and girls. The outdoor activities includes: atheletics, marchpast, cricket, and fun games. The indoor activities includes: badminton, carom, chess, and fun games.

SNA Cultural Fest:

The students also participate in cultural fest during the sports week which comprises of: dance competition, singing, role plays, drawing and painting, flower decoration, mehendi, sketching, fancy dress, debate, speech. The students who excell in various fields are sent further for SNA biennial conferences to various places.

Birthday Celebration

SNA body celebrates students birthday collectively once in a month in college during assembly by distributing cards and gifts.